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A particularly impressive historical event from 2000 years of Viennese history and culture can be experienced in each of the eight additional cabins which have been furnished with hundreds of figurines and miniature models.

This enables you to explain the time and space of the development of Vienna to children of all ages in the various experiential and learning areas and complement your tuition with an experience which brings the history of the city to life.

Our time journey starts in Vienna during the Roman age, moves through the Middle Ages – the building of St. Stephan's Cathedral, - through the Turkish Wars to the turn of the century with Venice in Vienna in the golden 20's and finally, to the destruction wreaked by World War II.

Finally, you and your pupils can enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna on a trip on the Giant Ferris Wheel. For the time journey and the trip on the Ferris Wheel please calculate 35 minutes.


School groups – per child up to 14: Euro 3,50
School groups – per child over 14: Euro 5,50
Per accompanying adult: Euro 5,00

These prices include both entrance to the History Panorama and a trip on the Giant Ferris Wheel – NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

The vienna giant ferris wheel

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